About Me

My name is Trenton Matthews, a blind/visually impaired/perceptive Empathic geek and African Djimbe Drummer. I was born on the 17th of December 1984 in Denver Colorado, and continue to live here till this very day with my fiance Beth (also known as the 'Denver Queen.")

I enjoy a mixture of cooking, nature, technology, cartoons, music, plus 'anything" and 'everything" chocolate! You can also find me occasionally reading an adventure book and playing my African Djimbe Drum, where I have been drumming on something since before I was 1 years old!

Since 2011, I have been fascinated into Gopher Space. It's like the old "GeoCities" sites back in the day, though "underground." That's why I have a Gopher Space among the Super Dimension Fortress Internet Gopher Club Underground Syndicate.


I've been a proud "ARPA Member" of the SDF itself since 2016.

My journey into Gemini Space, started in late fall of 2020, browsing around the web and YouTube, discovering what new worlds and protocols I could find. Who knew I was able to make a web site like this among a protocol that is new and different and starting to grow and what not.